Wondering How to Make a House Sell Fast? Use These Five Tips


If you’re like many who are pondering the sale of your home, you’re probably wondering how to make a house sell fast.

While it can be a complex process, there are five tips you can use to get your house on and off the market quicker.

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter: Marie Kondo would think your house was a mess, wouldn’t she? So will potential buyers. If you want your house to sell fast, the single best thing you can do is eliminate the clutter that’s hiding in every possible corner of your home. You’ve likely accumulated lots of items over the past several years. Find a storage facility, make some donations to a charity shop, or just bin those unwanted items. If you have particularly bulky furniture taking up some spaces, replace it with much smaller furniture, as it will make each room of your home look bigger. Remember, buyers want to imagine what the home will look like when they live there, and dumping the clutter is the best way to ensure that happens.
  2. Repaint: Have lots of beautiful colours on your walls? You’re going to want to invest in some paint. Using a fresh, neutral colour will help potential home buyers who stop by easily imagine themselves (and their belongings) in your space. If you stick with those lime green bathroom walls, they may have trouble really building any connection with your space.
  3. Think about Kerb Appeal: When you pull up to your home, what’s the first impression you get? Potential buyers will make up their minds within seconds of arriving, making kerb appeal the single most important thing you can work on. In fact, a YouGov study found that kerb appeal was the key feature that sold many on a home. What matters here? Maintain your windows, and make sure your roof is in good shape. Your front garden should look peaceful, calm, and even stunning, and if you have a pathway or fence, it should be repaired and cleaned. These simple updates to the exterior of your home will help make it look inviting and charming for those who are ready to make a purchase.
  4. Renew the Kitchen: Many surveys have found that the kitchen is the single most important room in a house. Wondering why? It’s a gathering space – the one place that can truly make a house a home. Not sure what to do here? You may want to reface the kitchen cabinets or even have them replaced if they’re in bad shape. Upgrading your kitchen countertops to something nicer is always a step in the right direction, too. It’s also a good idea to upgrade your plumbing fixtures as well. Making your kitchen look as if it belongs on the set of a cooking show is really your best bet.
  5. Let the Light Shine: Potential buyers want bright, airy spaces, so you may need to do some work to make that happen. You may want to replace light fixtures to achieve a higher wattage in dark spaces. In particularly dark spaces, though, that may not be enough. A well-placed wall mirror can make a room look quite a bit bigger and brighter, so that’s a good choice if you have a fairly small room or a fairly dark entry hallway. You’ll also want to pay attention to your windows. Cleaning them both inside and out can help let quite a bit of light in, and ensuring your drapes are open when potential buyers come to visit is a must. If you still have darker spaces, add a lamp to the corners to help brighten the room.

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