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Atari is one of the world’s most iconic video game companies. While younger generations might not be too familiar with the company’s history, those people of a certain vintage will have grown up with Atari games and consoles.

After being somewhat quiet in recent years it is now throwing itself headfirst into the metaverse space. It has announced its plans to create a virtual casino in the metaverse that will utilize cryptocurrencies.

The virtual world that will be hosting the virtual casino is Decentraland and the virtual casino will have a place in the “Vegas City” space. This article will showcase all aspects of Atari’s plan to dominate the virtual casino space.

Atari’s History

Atari was originally started in 1972 by a couple of friends in California. The company is seen as being a pioneer for home video game consoles, home computers, and arcade games. Some of its most iconic consoles were the Atari 2600 and Pong, both of which shaped the future direction of the video games space.

It is also known for many of its great games, such as Asteroids. The company has changed hands numerous times over the years and has focused on various industries. Over the past decade or so, it has become more and more interested in the real money gambling space. This has brought the company into the cryptocurrency space over the past couple of years, with Atari having plenty of big plans for the future.

What are Crypto Casinos?

Crypto casinos have come to prominence in recent years. They come in many different forms. In their purest state, you’ll be only able to use cryptocurrencies to fund your online gambling account.

There will also be significant privacy measures in place, with some of these platforms only asking you to create a username and password to gamble. Sometimes little to no personal information will be needed. Very often, you’ll find bigger libraries of games at crypto casinos when compared to traditional types of online casinos.

According to cryptocasinos.net, you’ll also often have access to bigger bonuses, large bet sizes, and ultra-fast payments. They are constantly evolving and attracting more and more players as time goes on.

Atari Token and NFTs

To help with its transition into the metaverse space, Atari has launched its own cryptocurrency token. The Atari Token was first launched in 2020 in partnership with the ICICB Group. The latter was operating an online casino through the Atari website with the Atari Token being the basis of the payments system.

It is an ERC-20 token that runs on Ethereum. It has also taken some strides in the non-fungible token (NFT) space. This saw Atari strike a partnership with Enjin, which is a blockchain gaming platform. This relationship led to the launching of NFTs from The Fabricant, which is a digital fashion house.

Through the deal with Enjin, there will also be the capability for developers to make blockchain games that are Atari-branded. This will be done through licensing agreements and will help to improve the brand awareness of Atari with people who are entrenched in the metaverse space.

What games will you find on the Atari online casino?

The online casino that Atari is building is attempting to emulate the experience that you get in the likes of real-world gambling hubs. To help with producing the casino games, Atari is working alongside Decentral Games. The Digital Currency Group is one of the main backers of Decentral Games. The former is the overseer of grayscale.

There will be Atari-themed games available to play in its casino. Players will be in with the chance of earning digital assets when they have successful playing sessions. It looks like all of the typical types of online casino games will be available as part of Atari’s offering. This means that you’ll have the likes of slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino poker to check out.

What is virtual real estate?

Virtual real estate is a very hot topic at the moment. As more and more people become attuned to the potential of the metaverse, the idea of virtual real estate has been gaining prominence.

As a result, a lot of people and companies have been acquiring large swathes of digital land. The idea will be to often rent out these spaces to those groups who are looking to offer some sort of good or service.

The area of virtual real estate that will host the Atari casino will be in a location on Decentraland called Vegas City. This is set to replace the likes of Las Vegas. Plans are also in the works for a virtual hotel to be built by Atari. It certainly looks like Atari is very bullish on the future of the metaverse.

What is the chance of success?

As the metaverse and the world of virtual casinos are still in their infancy, it is nearly impossible to predict if they will ultimately be a success. Many fads have come and gone over the years that had a lot of hype behind them. However, the principles of these ideas certainly appear to hold a lot of merits.

Atari is clearly banking on being one of the early movers in the space. This is something that it managed to do in the early days of video games, turning it into an iconic brand. It will also be a way for it to drum up publicity for its other types of offerings.

Naturally, there are areas of concern. A lot of things are still unclear regarding gambling in the metaverse space Regulators across the world might have something to say about these platforms.

Whatever happens, people will be watching closely to see how successful the Atari virtual casino offering will be. If it starts to take off, many other companies could then follow suit and open their own virtual casinos.

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