Think Electric Heating is Expensive? Here’s How Modern Electric Heating Can Save You Money


Electric Heating Can Save You Money – did you know that?

Do you think electric heating is expensive?

Let’s take a look at how modern electric heating can make you some savings and what the benefits are.

Electric Radiators Direct have shared some amazing pointers with us here at Family Budgeting and I am excited to pass these on to you, I think you will be surprised to learn about all electric heaters have to offer.



Electric heaters can save You money because they are energy-efficient

Electric heating is 100% efficient at point of use, which means every watt of energy taken from the wall is converted into usable heat, so nothing is wasted. 


This is so important for a variety of reasons – we need to be energy efficient for the sake of the climate and of course importantly for families who are budgeting it also means lower running costs.


Easy installation means Electric Heating can save you money

Electric heaters are easy to install you will be pleased to hear.

Importantly electric heaters are suitable for DIY fitting, which will save a lot of money in installation costs.

How’s your DIY? 

Hard- wired installation does need a professional electrician, but this is a much faster and simpler job compared to plumping and installing a gas central heating system. So if you are a little bit handy  you are definitely going to save money with electric heating installation you can do yourself.



There are zero maintenance costs

As there’s zero pipework involved and no boiler needed, there’s no need to pay for any annual call outs or checks either, so they’re pretty much maintenance free.

Oh my goodness what a god-send this is!

Boiler servicing can come expensive so this is a much better and cheaper alternative and 


Zoned heating

Did you also know that an be programmed on an individual level, which means you can manage your heating on a room-by-room basis. Oh, that would be such a relief I absolutely hate heating the whole house when I am only using one room it is irritating and wasteful and it bugs me. It is also a complete and utter waste of money.

Different temperature setting and different heating schedule can be created for every room – perfect! I hate a ht bedroom and love a warm bathroom! 


Energy-saving programming features that can help to save you money

There are a few programming features that go with electric heating that will also add to it’s money saving benefits such as:

  • Precision digital thermostat – this blog has a bunch of info on this topic.
  • Weekly programming
  • Open window detection
  • Adaptive start

Electric Heating Can Save You Money


Smart control

Intelligent control is one of the best ways to improve efficiency and reduce running costs. Bluetooth, WiFi, voice & motion detection are all modern solution s to let you control your heating whilst on the move – how lovely to be able to come home to as toasty home – or shut the heating off if unexpectedly delayed. 


So as you can see electric heating really can save you money and has the coolest of features. What are you waiting for – it is definitely time to make the switch, 



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