The Startup Magazine Five Ways Higher Education Influences The Way We Do Business


Many factors impact business, but none come close to the influence of education. The business sector is a dynamic field that strongly focuses on consumer satisfaction, better marketing, and the latest tech trends.

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However, this is only possible when an organization has educated employees at its core.

Your education plays a vital role in shaping up a business. It enables you to make intelligent choices, create a new work culture and drive productivity because you were taught these skills.

Once you step out of higher education into the practical field, you can lead with change and help your company embrace new heights.

Here’s how your advanced degree influences the way you do business:

1.   Brings Positive Corporate Culture

Corporate culture refers to the beliefs, behaviors, and policies that determine any business’s framework. An excellent corporate culture is tolerant, utilizes technology, and ensures equal treatment of all employees no matter where they stand on the hierarchical ladder.

From upper management to the employees on the bottom rung, everyone gets heard and seen. This is an essential perk for many employees since it makes them feel connected with their workplace.

Over half of American workers prefer progressive workplace culture businesses. This is where your education plays a significant role, especially your post-graduation degree.

You can Influence Work Culture Positively with an MBA since a comprehensive business degree will teach you effective culture-making and help you dissect your company’s needs.

Your degree will provide you with the necessary training, skills, and knowledge that polish you into a leader.

You may, for instance, offer stock options to your best-performing employees, especially in the current uncertain environment.

2.    Upgrades Your Communication Skills

In 2020, researchers observed that well-connected American business teams see a productivity increase of over 20% because of good communication.

Higher education helps you get better at communication. You learn how to present your ideas, negotiate with authority figures and become an active listener through practical projects and industry-based assignments.

So, when you act as an intrapreneur and add value to your company’s operations, you will have no trouble maintaining transparency between departments.

You will also become better at resolving conflicts within your company, resulting in lowered costs and optimized solutions.

Higher education also exposes you to a diverse crowd of people, which polishes your interpersonal skills. You will become more emotionally intelligent in front of stakeholders, investors, and board of directors simply by observing their body language and speaking at the right cues.

This will result in you securing funds, getting more partnerships, and earning the trust of your business organization.

3.    Makes You Prioritize Leadership

Higher education degrees transform you into a leader. You will have to take charge of different projects, motivate yourself and your team and work collaboratively to finish the proposal.

Your educational degree will help you decipher the meaning of service leadership. This is an essential interpersonal skill you will carry into your business model. You will also learn what tactics work and don’t to keep your team on track.

About 98% of American employees look towards empathetic leaders for motivation. So, when you head towards managing your business, you will already be a refined leader.

The way you handle projects in your degree will act as a template in guiding you when you must make tough calls, help employees find their morale, and dare to admit defeat.

Becoming a leader will help you identify what aspects of your business need improvement. These include what products are worth investing in and when to upgrade your marketing tactics – all because you know how to study trends and manipulate them to your advantage.

Your guidance will help employees stay on a healthy timeline and launch products when supply and demand are in your favor.

4.    Help You Mitigate Risks

Advanced educational degrees will enhance your research skills, compile information, identify errors and make you predict future trends based on your findings.

In fact, most programs do not allow you to graduate unless you can produce high-quality research papers. This will help you become more detail-oriented when managing your business and finding solutions to your troubles.

While choosing between many viable projects, you will be able to identify product trends and obvious pitfalls, which will help you decide on which ones are worth your time. Instead of relying on instincts, you will be more attuned to cold hard facts to mitigate risks.

For example, you may learn that your business will not get attention on social spaces like it would if you run a blog.

This will save you from spending needless money on a marketing tactic that will not work and instead guide you through setting up a writing team that can work wonders.

Even if you have a lapse in judgment and make an error like investing in a faulty project, you will have the ability to pull back and salvage the damage.

Therefore, instead of risking your business entirely, you will know how to outback, save further financial losses, and have a contingency plan to minimize losses.

5.    More Critical Thinking To Solve Problems

More than 20% of American businesses fail because they can’t answer complex questions related to market trends. For any business shutting down within two years is disheartening, but it can also be a significant source of financial loss. Advanced degrees impart you with essential skills such as critical thinking.

Your degree will walk you through complex industry-related problems and expect you to answer them. When you run an organization, you will face many complicated problems. These issues determine the trajectory of your business if you can find the best possible solution.

Examples include long-term growth strategies, budget cuts, and prospective investment opportunities. You will get into the habit of analyzing the data, making an educated guess, and launching into action. You will use reasoned judgment fact-based comparisons, pull out past data, and devise a solution using skills gleaned from your education.

Your thinking will inspire others and model a healthy framework for your employees to act. As you habitually lean on critical thinking, your business will always stay two steps ahead of your competitor’s.

Final Thoughts

Your higher education degree can help you get a good business acumen since most skills you pick up are transferable. An excellent advanced degree prepares you for graduation and prepares you to take over any sector by storm. When you pursue an advanced degree, you get the discipline to think, communicate and execute.

This makes a difference in your career. You also begin to acknowledge the importance of good workplace culture, transparent communication, and the initiative to be a leader. You cannot underestimate the importance of an advanced degree in regulating your business career.

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