The Startup Magazine 5 Ways Farmers Can Become Greener In The Future


Farming isn’t the most eco-friendly profession in the world. Not only do farmers own lots of old machinery that spits out harmful gasses, but they probably own enough cows to spew tons of methane into the air too. It doesn’t mean farmers won’t be able to become greener, which will help the planet immensely. If you look into it closely, you’ll find lots of ways to make farming more green. Here are some examples farmers should look into soon.

1. Original Equipment Modifications

If you walk around a farm, you’re likely to find a few diesel engines. Diesel is a trusted fuel source for tractors, so think about how much pollutants are flowing into the air while the farmer drives from A to B.

Installing a diesel exhaust scrubber to the engine would help clean things up. It would purify the air before it was released into the environment. It’s worth modifying existing machinery to make it greener because it’s cheap.

2. Using Electric Tractors

Did you know there are 300+ parts inside a tractor’s diesel engine? It means farmers spend lots of money on upkeep and repairs, plus everything they spend on fuel. It might be worth using a modern electric tractor.

It’s going to mean less time spent under the hood, plus anything that runs on electricity is better for the environment. Even though electric tractors are small, they can still carry out the most basic jobs around the farm.

3. Watering Crops Correctly

The earth is running out of water faster than ever before, so farmers shouldn’t be wasting it when watering crops. Nowadays, farmers will be able to monitor everything no matter where they are 24 hours per day.

If they turn off water remotely when it’s not needed, it could save a massive amount over the long term. It will alert them if something goes wrong too, so they’ll know straight away instead of finding out hours later.

4. Vertical Farming Gardens

Vertical gardens come with a large number of benefits. When crops are being grown, you don’t need to use much water and soil. It’s almost like the crops grow out of thin air, plus they can be stacked on top of each other.

It means companies will be able to produce large amounts of crops inside city centers, so trucks won’t be required to drive hundreds of miles for deliveries. Fewer trucks on the roads mean less pollution in the air.

5. Growing Your Meat In Labs

Agricultural activities play a large part in the destruction of the planet. Farmers use fuel, chemicals, water, and lots of other things to ensure you’re able to tuck into a hamburger at the weekend.

We’re starting to get good at growing meat in labs, which is a lot less harmful to the environment. It hardly uses any fuel, chemicals, or water. It’s where most of the population will eventually get their meat.

It Has To Change Soon

Everyone assumes farms are filled with toxins and pollutants, which has to change soon because the world needs to get greener ASAP.

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