Pet Tips: Where to Save and Where to Spend


Pet Tips: Where to Save and Where to Spend

Pets are a lovely addition to any family, but they come with their own expenses. If you are trying to save money and make your pets more budget-friendly, this is a guide to the things that you should and shouldn’t skimp on.


1)      Pet Food

Pet food is one expense that is essential – every pet needs to eat! When it comes to pet food, there are a lot of options available, so what makes some brands more or less expensive, and what food can you trust? It is true that some brands are much higher in quality, and if your pet has dietary requirements, you need to buy the food that meets their nutritional needs. That being said, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Whichever brand you prefer, always look for deals, promotions, and vouchers as a great way to save money. Buying in bulk can also cut costs, and some brands offer reward schemes for customer loyalty.

One issue that some pet owners face is fussy eaters. If you have to buy different foods to appease your fussy pets, you are wasting money. Trusted dog food brand Bella & Duke are dedicated to making nutritional and delicious dog food. They care a lot about pets and have a dog blog full of tips and advice. On their blog, they discuss numerous topics, including fussy dog tips, so if you need to find tips to deal with fussy dogs, then they have just the guide for you. When your dog is eating the right food, they are less likely to have costly health issues, so this might be one worth spending the extra pennies on. Talk to your vet if you need advice on foods that suit your dog’s needs should they require a special diet.

2)      Pet Insurance

This is one expense that you shouldn’t skimp on, as pet insurance can save you money. You should do your research and talk to your vet if you need advice on which pet insurance companies they recommend – because they can tell you which ones actually pay out! Pet insurance is a regular cost that might seem expensive, but if your pet gets ill and needs expensive treatment, medication, or even surgery, that insurance will take away those big upfront costs. Many vets offer their own pet-club schemes too, so that is another option you should consider. Unexpected vet bills are not a nice surprise, so insurance is your friend here.

3)      Pet Furniture

This is one area that you can easily save money on because whilst there are lots of pricey pet beds and furniture out there, there are plenty of cheaper options out there too. If you are on a budget, this is a nice way to save money. Pets are not that fussy generally – if you have a cat, you will often find they enjoy sleeping in cardboard boxes! Pets will often be attracted to different items of furniture you have around the house, so getting a few blankets to throw over your sofa is an easy option that will keep you and your pet happy. Having a cat scratching post and encouraging them to use it will help stop them from scratching up your sofa. It will also keep them happy, as this is part of their natural grooming behaviour. You could also try making scratchers from cardboard too.



4)     Pet Tips: Where to Save and Where to Spend –  Pet Toys

Similar to pet furniture, there are lots of options out there. The toys your pets enjoy is down to personal taste, but they often don’t need to be expensive. Tennis balls and squeaky toys can be purchased fairly cheaply, and there are lots of easy toys you can make yourself too – even scrunched up tin foil balls make fun toys for cats. Cats and dogs need to have playtime, as it is enriching for them and encourages exercise. You should make time to play with your pets every day to keep them happy and active.



5)      Bringing Home a New Pet

Pets are not cheap to look after and come with a lot of responsibility, but they make great companions and can brighten up your home. Take careful consideration before adopting a pet, as you are promising them a lifelong home and care. Whilst pedigree breeds are admired and purchased from breeders, there are lots of lovely dogs and cats in shelters that need a home. They will already be vaccinated and neutered, and you will only be paying their adoption fees. Rather than spending lots of money on a puppy from a breeder, consider adopting a pet from a shelter instead. There are plenty of shelters and charities out there that seek to rehome dogs and cats that need a family.

Pets are a financial responsibility, but they have so much to offer. Every animal deserves love and attention and will give you that love back too. They really are worth every penny!


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