Best Ways To Increase YouTube Engagement


YouTube is the world’s most popular video hosting site that affords you to watch, upload, and stream live video clips.

Just creating a stunning video is not enough to get people to watch it. All of this requires extra effort, time, and expertise. We’ve put together some simple ways to boost engagement in a short amount of time and with minimal effort.

Be communicative

One of the most perfect ways to provide cross-promotion on social networks is to interact with your potential customers and subscribers. Never miss this step.

Engage in dialogue if questions are asked, try to keep the conversation going to generate discussion. If they give you a compliment, go beyond a thank you and ask what the viewer would like to see next. Feedback is very important.

Add cards to your videos

Oddly enough, many YouTube beginners often ignore adding cards to their videos. Cards are a way to achieve the desired result quickly and increase the number of views. They can be used to direct the user to your other videos, YouTube channels, or external resources.

Types of cards:

  • your video or playlist
  • another YouTube channel
  • survey
  • link to your site

Promote YouTube

The best way to interest an audience is to get as much attention as possible. More eyes mean more views. Here are a few ways to help you promote your channel:

  • Embed a YouTube video on your blog or website. Readers will be able to go to your channel for additional content.
  • Create cards on Pinterest with your YouTube videos and link them together. That’s how you’ll get extra traffic from Pinterest.
  • Share your video previews with your followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also create stories and share them on social media.
  • Buy YouTube views and high retention YouTube views to help your videos. Additional traffic from real people is especially useful in the first 48 hours after publication. This will give the video an extra boost.
  • Partner with influencers to promote your videos on YouTube. They can add your videos to their websites and social media pages.

Make a custom thumbnails for your video

According to QuickSprout research, a thumbnail on YouTube increases engagement by 154%. People generally click on videos if they find the preview relevant or intriguing. YouTube Creator Academy claims that 90% of the most popular videos have high-quality thumbnails.

Use tags and keywords

It’s not just about the video title and description. When you upload videos to YouTube, make sure you add the right tags in the appropriate section. Tags serve as metadata for your video and help users find your content in searches, increasing the chances to move on to the top.

Some tips for adding tags to videos:

  • Use YouTube’s suggested options to add popular tags for your topic.
  • Use Google Keyword to find trending tags. Since Google displays relevant videos higher in its search listings, it’s important that they match relevant SEO queries.
  • Use the channel name in the tags so that your other videos are automatically suggested at the end of each video.

All of the advice is a good way to increase the engagement rating of your YouTube channel. Use them, focus on quality content, and specifics, and don’t make your videos too long. And you will have a chance of success!


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