5 Places Accepting Cardboard Recycling For Money


When many people hear about cardboard recycling for money, they wonder if it’s actually possible. Good news: it is! You can make money by recycling cardboard, and many people are currently engaged in this venture.

If you want to make a few extra dollars, there is no harm in trying something new. And cardboard recycling for money is one legit option.

Today, there are lots of cardboard recycling plants, because the recycling business is a lucrative venture. All those boxes you’ve been throwing away actually end up in the hand of a vendor who sends them to a recycling plant, and they get paid for it!

Is It Possible to Recycle Cardboard for Money?

Yes, it is possible! Corrugated cardboards are far more valuable than paper. Moreover, they are easy to recycle due to the nature of their fibers. This makes it an economically viable venture for recyclers; that is why there are more cardboard recycling plants than any other plant.

The price of cardboard changes all the time, but you can typically expect between $100-$200 per ton. That means you’re not going to get rich on a couple cardboard boxes, of course. But if you’re in an industry where you use a lot of cardboard, you can certainly earn some extra cash!

Now let us take a lot at some of the places where you can sell your cardboard for money.

5 Places Accepting Cardboard Recycling for Money

1. Recycling plants

To make your job easier, you can partner with a recycling plant in your city if there are any. But you can only work directly with recyclers if you have a substantial amount of cardboard for sale. If you are going this route, it means you want to make it a full-time job.

To this end, you would need to open up collection centers in your neighborhood or wherever you can get cardboards in large supply. Working with recycling plants will help you avoid middlemen since you sell directly to them and get full price for your stock.

2. UsedCardboardBoxes

One company that will buy your cardboard from you immediately is UsedCardboardBoxes. This company buys cardboard, shipping boxes, bins, and totes.

If you want to sell to them, you have to visit their website to fill out their form and provide information about the size and type of cardboards you have to sell. They will contact you to offer you a quote for your cardboard. If it is fine with you, they will schedule a time for the pickup and arrive on the day to pick them up.

Working with UCB is great because you won’t pay for delivery fees out of your earnings.

3. Container Exchanger

Another platform that will buy your cardboard from you is Container Exchanger. This company specializes in Gaylord cardboard boxes.

To get started, you only have to register an account for free on their website. Then you post ads and wait for buyers. Container Exchanger will publicize your ads across multiple channels, and in no time, interested buyers will make an offer for the boxes. Once sold,  you will then ship the items to the buyer.

The good thing about Container Exchanger is that you can set your price. And you won’t pay a commission from your earnings, since the site will add its own commission to the selling price.

4. BoxCycle

Have you ever heard of BoxCycle? This is another marketing platform where you can sell your cardboard and make cool cash in the process. They provide you with access to buyers for your cardboard boxes who are near where you live. The only rule is that the cardboard must be in good condition.

If you are serious about making cardboard recycling for money a full-time business, you can also buy cheap cardboard stock from BoxCycle and sell it to other buyers elsewhere at a higher price.

5. BoxSmart

BoxSmart is a  buyer of cardboard boxes as long as they are in good condition. This buyer has become quite popular among sellers because they buy their cardboard at a much higher price than many other online platforms.

When you sign up for BoxSmart, you will be asked to choose whether you are a one-time seller or wish to become a regular supplier. Once a buyer is located for your cardboard, a pickup truck will arrive at your house to pick it up.

3 Places to Find Free Cardboard

Many people who do cardboard recycling for money only plan to do it as a one-time thing, especially if they have a large collection of cardboard in one place at a time. However, if you want to make it a full-time business, you can’t afford to be out of stock for long. What you need is a regular supply of cardboard, but how do you go about it? Where do you get a constant supply?

Here are a few places you can find cardboard.

1. Browse the Craigslist free section

You can often find cardboard if you search Craigslist’s free section. While it is not a guarantee that you will find some every time you search,  you will be lucky sometimes to find people in your community who wish to give away cardboard boxes they no longer need. Just get the word out that you are looking for free boxes, and you will definitely find some retailers or homeowners who will give theirs away for free.

2. Use U-Haul

U-Haul has a special box exchange program for people who are looking for boxes to pack their valuables. You can use their site to find someone near you looking to give theirs away.

3. Check grocery stores

Grocery stores are among the best places to find cardboard in abundance because many of their stocks are delivered in packaged boxes. If you reach an agreement with the store manager, you can get a steady supply of cardboard from them. Of course, they may already have an agreement in place with another cardboard recycler.

Final Thoughts: Cardboard Recycling for Money

Unless you have large quantities of cardboard to recycle on a regular basis, cardboard recycling for money probably won’t be a large source of income for you. But if you own a business where you use large amounts of cardboard, or you want to make a business out of recycling cardboard, there are certainly opportunities in this space.

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